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D2D webdesign

Our company D2D, short for ‘Design 2 Development’ and ‘Development 2 Design’, aims to link ’development’ to ‘design’ and vice versa.

The essential activity of D2D is the construction and maintenance of websites.

We offer a broad range of services as well as a packet ‘web’ all in:

  • Detailed offer
  • Creative concept, copywriting and translations
  • CMS
  • Analyze, adjustment based on graphic statistics
  • Creation of a web shop
  • Up-dating, restyling, maintenance & hosting of existing websites
  • Ticketing system whereby everyone can command and pay easily, fast and safe
  • ...

In order to provide you with an optimal website, D2D studies your product, service, company culture, production process, competitors, ... Consequently, every site has an unique ‘look-and-feel’. A site has to be operational, sell itself and deliver in ROI. The visitor is more and more critical.

Our goal is – by working in pure html – to be available on every platform possible (operating systems and browsers) to offer our clients a site with a uniform look-and-feel and a fast performance.

Because of our graphic and creative skills, the design of printed matters also belongs to our activities: logos, branding, flyers, business cards, magazines, publications, ...

Next to our core business, D2D offers also a lot of other services.

Our strong theoretical basis, permanent formation and our freelancers are united in our IT- section. We have a PC experience of several years and we possess our own ‘test servers’ thanks to which our hardware and knowledge of the network is always up-to-date and can be shared with you (maintenance material, audit, consultation, training, delivery of facilities ...)

The hosting packets are outsourced to professional companies but we are at your service to help you in your choice of the perfect technology and the perfect hosting. Consequently, all the hosting formulas are custom.

D2D offers as well:

  • Online Back-up: the solution for all your back-up problems.
  • Zarafa: a unique solution ‘outlook replacement’ that offers a stable integration with existing clients, mobile devices and internet.
  • ‘Wired’ or ‘wireless’ network: maximization and optimization of availability and performance by cable, wifi or laser, always installed by a qualified cable installer who works by standard settings.
  • IP-cameras, video encoders, video- management software and accessories : the surveillance of buildings, persons and company processes by real time reporting, distance consultations or the diffusion of images by websites.
Kantoor D2D bvba
  • D2D bvba
  • Wanzelesteenweg 31 - B 9260 SERSKAMP
  • N 50° 59' 02" O 03° 56' 05"
  • T +32 (0)9 261 57 30   F +32 (0)9 261 57 29
  • BE 0864.806.270
  • ING: IBAN: BE85 3930 3172 0406 // BIC: BBRUBEBB
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